Steve Harvey writes a beautiful love letter to wife for their 15th anniversary: “You simply changed my life”

Despite the fact that they have been married for over a decade, Steve Harvey does not hesitate to communicate his feelings for his wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. For their 15th wedding anniversary, the Family Feud presenter wrote her a sweet love note.

The actor opens the message by explaining what it was like when he first saw Marjorie in 1987. Harvey was doing a stand-up routine at the time. He revealed that he didn’t know who she was, but he is going to marry her one day, he told Marjorie right away. That was the start.

He remembered that they lost contact soon after, but as luck would have it, the duo reunited in 2005 through common acquaintances. He was still not where he intended to be when they reunited. Despite the fact that he was making movements, he had nothing. He  was in a bad place for a long time, and he believed all the stars aligned for them at the proper time.

Harvey went on to say how much Marjorie had meant to him over the last decade and a half. He now had someone with whom he could begin afresh. She was willing to go into that foxhole with him and learn with him. It was much better when they got back together since they knew each other. It was a fantastic fit, he mentioned it in the letter.

The artist said that it’s difficult to put into words. It wasn’t a job. It wasn’t difficult to be together. They couldn’t stop laughing. She made his day. He is glad he made you happy. He filled in all of her blanks. She certainly covered in all of his blanks. It didn’t take long for him to recognise she was the right girl for him.

Harvey lauded his wife’s parenting abilities in his letter. He likes how she manages parenthood. Since she takes the time to parent, she is a far better parent than he is. She understands their kids he never had, yet he looks to her as an inspiration, Harvey, who has 4 kids and Marjorie has three, said.

He finished his love letter by writing by stating that he owes her thanks since she literally changed his life. It’s fine if folks get bored of hearing him repeat it. It makes no difference to the facts. Outside of God’s grace, she is the single most important reason he is where he is today. She is the chosen one. If he lost everything, he knew she would stick by him and help him rebuild it. In fact, he is certain she would.

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