Store worker drops down dead – staff cover his body with umbrellas and stay open

Manoel Moisés Cavalcante was working at a store in Brazil during the day when he experienced a heart attack. Employees at the Recife store provided first assistance to their colleague, but Manoel, who was recognised by his wife, died in the store.

Rather than closing the Carrefour supermarket on August 14 to evacuate his body, staff erected three umbrellas and large crates around him to keep the store open.

Shoppers were clueless that a worker’s body was on the floor beside them while they shopped.

A photograph of the body covered in umbrellas was published on social media, and many individuals were horrified.

“This is the body of a deceased worker in the midst of the Carrefour store,” read a tweet.

“He died while working and was surrounded by umbrellas.” According to witnesses, the store was operating regularly.”

According to the Brazilian news Moisés Santos, 53, worked as a sales agent for a food firm at the store.

According to the newspaper, his body was left in the open shop for more than three hours before funeral home employees came.

In reaction to the event, Carrefour published a statement apologising for its “unacceptable” response to the situation.

It stated that the corporation failed in not closing the store quickly after what occurred to await the burial ceremony, as well as in failing to identify the proper manner to care for the deceased.

The individual, as per Carrefour, was a sales manager who became ill inside the store. First assistance was administered, and an ambulance was dispatched.

Carrefour stated that once the man died, it “followed procedures to not remove the corpse from its location.”

According to Reuters, Carrefour said in a statement, “We regret to the family and are ready to help them in any manner required.”

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