‘Strange’ Woman Waited For Mom To Look Away, Slips Her Son $100 And Note.

Getting out of bed in the morning might sometimes feel like too much bother. Melissa Simms has a lot of them. In fact, her condition deteriorated to the point that she had many operations and was unable to work. As money got tighter, she was no longer able to help her family financially. The mother of five, on the other hand, never complained. She recognized how fortunate she was to have survived her surgeries and had her family to support her.

Life had not been easy, and she had lost hope that things would ever get better. Trey, her seventh-grade son, was home ill from school and forced to accompany his mother while she conducted errands on the day everything changed. She said that her husband and she got up and divided their last ten dollars for petrol, so he could go to work and she could get to her doctor’s appointment. She was worried all day about how she was going to cook dinner for her kids.

Melissa was at her doctor’s Pell City, Alabama, office for a checkup after her most recent surgery when her problems appeared to catch up with her. The struggling mother was on the verge of giving up when she realized she was at the bottom. She was mortified to have to inform the receptionist she couldn’t pay her copay that day. Everything went wrong throughout her day. Thankfully, Melissa’s doctor consented to see her regardless.

Trey sat in the waiting area, listening to music, while Melissa saw the doctor. When she returned, he informed her that a strange lady had stopped and spoken to him. She handed him a message to give her, Trey remarked as they went out to the vehicle. Melissa snatched it from him and opened the letter, instantly fearing the worst. Instead of being anything terrible, it was one of the most thoughtful things she had ever had done for her.

The lines on the letter inside the envelope filled her heart with hope. It stated that this woman has experienced days like she is experiencing now. Be patient. The memo also includes a verse from Joshua 1:9, which says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

The words, though, were not the only thing that made Melissa’s heart skip a beat. A $100 bill had been wrapped around the note. Melissa was taken aback and burst into tears. If he’d known what it was, he’d have said thank you, Trey continued, his voice trembling. He was aware of his parents’ financial difficulties and realized how far $100 would go to assist his family.

Melissa returned to pay for her doctor’s appointment. She then went shopping for food for her family as well as a few other necessities. Her future was brightened by the encouraging message and the money. It’s a perfect sense of calm, as if everything is going to be well,” she added. She has no idea what she looks like or what her name is, but she wishes to meet her and thank her.

Melissa has promised to pay it forward as many times as she is able. She hopes the wonderful stranger understands how much it meant to her and her family.

Melissa likes the thought of becoming someone’s angel. After all, she is well aware of how quickly an angel can alter your life. When a stranger saw her need, they provided a kind word and some assistance, becoming a light in her darkest hours.

Melissa had nothing and no hope; however, the reassuring message and the money donation revived her spirits. With all of the bad news we hear every day, it’s easy to forget that angels live among us. As this heartwarming tale spreads on social media, maybe it will encourage others to assist someone in need.

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