Stranger Buys Car Worth $2,000 For The Single Mother And Even Gives $100 For The Fuel.

In Black Mountain, North Carolina, single mom Connie Cole was desperate for a car. Hers had broken down and she really needed one so she could get back and forth to work and take care of her three kids.

That distress of the situation was obvious in her voice as she spoke to the salesman at the used car lot. But she didn’t know that distress was also being sensed by a nearby stranger at the car lot.

When he got home, he prayed about buying that car for this woman, someone he’d never met. And the answer came very quickly. He called the dealership and told the salesman he wanted to buy that car for Connie.

He then went back to the dealership, gave Connie more than $2,000 and she bought the car. He then gave her another $100 and said, the first tank of gas was on him. 

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