Stranger Paid For The Cake She Ordered And Even Left A NOTE.

Source: Facebook

My Sister and her family are here from Southern California.. It’s my nephews 19th Birthday, and we are all going to Cattlemen’s for his Birthday dinner.

My Mom went to pick up the cake she ordered from Safeway on Waterman. When she went to pay, The lady in the bakery said the cake was already paid for. The Bakery lady said that a Woman came in, and chose 5 cakes to pay for. My Nephews Golf Themed cake was one of them. Along with the cake came a card ❤.

When my Mom got home, she opened the card and read it to us 😌. We are deeply sorry for your loss “Josh’s Mom” and are completely honored that you chose our family’s cake to honor your son’s Birthday. We will celebrate my nephew Ricky, and we will also pay a tribute to Josh.. We are totally blessed to have a woman like you in our community, and we will definitely be paying it forward ❤

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