Stranger Reaches To Help The Single Mother But Has One Condition To It.

What would you do if a stranger walked up to you and offered to buy all the school supplies for your kid? Might be a little hesitant, huh? Because…. what exactly is their motivation here?

Well, as one single mother found out, it was…. just because. Apparently this “stranger” found the mother in an online parenting group, and the childless stranger knew from many of her friends that parenting was a very difficult thing.

So she wrote the mother: “if you need / want the help, I’m looking to buy the school supplies for two single moms who need it.’

The unidentified mom was, of course, leery of this because you really never know who you’re dealing with.

Says the mom: “I stalked her online and made sure she wasn’t an ax murderer. Then I had her ship the school supplies to my work just in case.’

The stranger sent the school supplies under three conditions: She chose to remain anonymous, she asked the mother to let her know if she didn’t need or want the help so she could reach out to another parent, and she urged her to ‘pay it forward’ and ‘be kind to a random stranger someday.’

Then, the mom received the package at her work. It was filled with school supplies and even some nice surprises, like a new pair of shoes for her son.

The stranger also explained why she did this. 20 years ago, a stranger to HER donated $75,000 to cover her four years of college. And now, this was HER way of paying it forward to others.

The mom was just a random name in a Facebook post. Sometimes, life has a way of being randomly awesome. 

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