Stranger Rushes To Fulfill Christmas Wish List For Mexican Girl Who Sent It By Balloon.

When was the last time you wrote to Santa Claus? Maybe it’s time we all did and ask him for a brand new, shiny 2020…. because apparently we got the old clunker that had been hidden in the back of some cob-webby closet.

Randy Heiss of Pagagonia, Arizona, is 60 years old now, but he can recall back in his childhood sending so many letters to Santa at Christmas time. But he never got any responses back.

Around a recent Christmas, Randy came across a letter to Santa written by an 8-year-old girl from Nogales, Mexico. Her name was Dayami. He found the note along with a string-tied shredded balloon near his ranch. It had apparently traveled a very long way before landing on his property.

Randy remembered how disappointed he was when Santa never responded to his own letters with what he had asked for. So he decided he was going to do what he could to make those wishes come true for that little girl.

Randy and his wife, Marcella, had lost their only son some years ago, and they have no grandchildren. So they felt it was only right to try to play Santa for this little girl. They rounded up all the things she asked for – which included dolls, a dollhouse, clothes, art supplies and slime – and worked with a Mexican radio station to find her home.

Only a day later, the radio station – which broadcast it was looking for her – actually heard from her family. Randy and his wife then drove about an hour to get there. And they even brought presents for the other children in the home.

Said Randy: “Their eyes were open with wonder.”

And now, Randy and Marcella have friends for life. No one has to wait on Santa to respond any more.

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