Stranger Shows Up With Real One When Family Is Named ‘Sloppy’ And ‘Poor’ Over Makeshift Pool.

A sequence of images surfaced on Facebook in 2016 depicting three small children struggling to make do with what they had on a scorching summer day.

The youngsters from San Antonio, Texas, were using the back of a pickup truck as a makeshift swimming pool, which was lined with a large blue tarp.

However, photographs of the DIY pool elicited a flood of negative feedback. The three children and their parents were criticised on social media for not being able to purchase a proper baby pool.

While onlookers made fun of the family, naming them things like “lazy” and “poor,” one local called Todd Arredondo didn’t find it amusing.

Todd, the proprietor of an urban mining firm, did not come from a wealthy family. He’d always desired to be in a position where he could help others, and seeing the picture of the children’s truck pool reminded him of that. Todd recalls a good samaritan making his day when he was a child by purchasing him a water balloon when his family couldn’t afford one. It was such a simple act, yet it made an impression.

Frustrated with the disrespectful remarks Todd hunted down the family’s contact details and arrived at their home with an unbelievable hand delivery.

And the generous Texan didn’t stop there… not by a long shot.

Watch the video to know what Todd has been doing to bring a smile to one’s face.

Pools for Kids 2019

After Internet trolls mocked a family’s makeshift pool, this guy started buying real pools for kids in need. Visit Pools for Kids by Todd Arredondo's GoFundMe:

Posted by GoFundMe on Tuesday, 2 July 2019

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