Stranger Stops His 4×4 Immediately Seeing The Scared Girls On A Deserted Street.

Story by Jennifer M. Kohrman

It was winter of last year and I had been going through a tough time. I was having a difficult time deciding what to do with my life. I was 23 years old and was preparing to graduate in May, however I did not know what I wanted to do after graduation. I considered applying for grad school to enter the school counseling program at the local university, but I wasn’t sure if this is what God wanted me to do with my life.

I kept praying for guidance in making such an important decision, yet God seemed to remain silent. Christmas and the New Year came but the joy of the holidays couldn’t shake the confusion I was feeling inside. I kept wondering if God was really concerned about me at all.

I worked in the produce department at a local grocery store and both my sister and I were scheduled to work on January 2nd. The weather forecasters had warned the residents of Northeastern Indiana that there was a severe snowstorm moving into the area. There was a light snowfall at the time my sister and I had arrived at work, but quickly the storm became worse as the morning progressed.

Later that morning, we received permission from our store manager that we could leave early and go home. We hadn’t driven very far when we experienced a whiteout which caused my sister to veer off the road. We narrowly missed hitting a telephone pole and landed in a ditch. I exited the car to see if we could push the car back onto the road but it was stuck in the snow. I climbed back into the car and my sister stated,

“Jen, I’m really scared. What are we going to do?”

The normally busy Dupont Road was completely deserted and there wasn’t anyone in sight. I told her that I really wasn’t sure what we would do but I bowed my head and silently began to pray. I hadn’t looked down for more than a few seconds, but when I raised my head I noticed that there was a 4×4 next to our car. I was surprised because I didn’t see any other vehicles on the road. A man climbed out of the vehicle and walked towards our car.

He stood next to the passenger side door and asked, “Are both of you all right?”

I responded by saying, “Yes, we’re fine, but just a little shaken up because we almost hit a telephone pole when we landed in the ditch.”

He invited us to stay in his vehicle while he attached a rope to the back of my sister’s car. He pulled the car out of the ditch and then told us to go to a nearby neighborhood until we felt that one of us could make the drive home. We thanked him for his kindness and went home about five minutes later.

I was so thankful that we made it home safely. Even though I have no proof that the man who helped us was an actual angel, I was amazed by how quickly God responded to my prayer and sent someone to help us when we desperately needed it. The experience made me realize how much God really does care about each one of us.

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