Stranger Was Brought To Tears When She Called Cops On The Homeless Man.

Not all policemen are bad. There are alot of them who do their work with utmost honesty. Police work is indeed challenging and often a thankless job. So let’s appreciate them for what they do for us. 

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Today, my family and I were driving through Starbucks and there was an enraged man sitting at a table by himself. He was yelling and very upset. He appeared unkept and homeless. We felt so sorry for this troubled man and knew he needed help.

We called 911 and waited in the parking lot to make sure this man was treated humanely. An officer appeared. He calmly and quietly approached the gentleman. He pulled up a chair and sat across from him and calmly asked the upset man what was going on. The officer, eye to eye, down on the troubled man’s level, de-escalated the situation quickly.

I was moved to tears at how the officer respected this man and made it clear that he was there to help him. These are the stories that should be in the news. This gentleman, deserves a pat on the back and the recognition of doing an excellent job!

My main purpose for reporting this is in hope that this officer receives recognition. His name is Officer Reese of the Garland Police dept. Please share!

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