Stranger’s Kindness Goes Viral When Single Mom’s Child Has A Meltdown.

Taylor Myers was just about at the end of her rope. The single mother of two was in line at the store when her 4-year-old daughter with ADHD had a meltdown because her mom said No to something.

The young girl’s antics was just too much for another shopper in line, who told Taylor to make her “shut up.”

Well, with that, Taylor pretty much lost it. She let go a profanity-laced blue-light special at the woman, telling her, in so many words, to mind her own business. She then rolled her cart with her daughter – still flaring – to the self-checkout line. She was furious…. but she was also embarrassed at her own actions. She didn’t want to be labeled “that woman” who couldn’t control her child.

But something happened while she was scanning her items. A woman walked up to Taylor and her daughter and started asking the little girl questions, calming her anger and comforting Taylor. Taylor was emotionally spent, and started crying… she was thankful for that small but very needed act of kindness.

Taylor posted about her experience on Facebook, and apparently many others could relate. It has received more than 500,000 likes and been shared over 150,000 times.

Soon after, Taylor launched a page called Taylor Plus Two because, as she says, “a lot of people find solace in knowing they aren’t alone in the chaos and craziness of life.”

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