Stray Cat Follows And Begs To Be Let Inside The House.

When you find a stray cat meowing at your front door, what do you do? Some will ignore it, and hope it just goes on its way. Others, however, will take in the cat and give it a good meal. Of course, that’s a sure way of keeping it coming back.

A kind-hearted man was in this situation during a cold winter’s day and took the stray cat in. The cat had a desperate look in its eyes and the homeowner just could not refuse it.

Soon, the cat found a nice, warm spot to curl up in. Later, the cat started to cuddle with the man, its way of saying “Thank you.”

The man decided to keep the cat, and it wasn’t long before he noticed the cat’s shape was changing. It, or rather, SHE was pregnant.

And before much longer, she gave birth to three kittens.

And now those kittens are ready to be adopted. They were born healthy and happy because a kind man took in their mother and cared for her.

He made a difference. And THAT is was caring does. It makes a difference.

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