Struggling Mother Of 5 Children Gets A Surprise Of A LIFETIME At Her Doorstep.

Emma, of Cheshire, is a struggling mother of five children. She was caught off guard one day when her oldest told her there were some packages on their porch. What Emma found on her doorstep shocked her. There were two large bags of groceries and five children’s lunch bags.

A note inside one of the bags read: “A gift from our family to yours.”

Emma’s name had been put on the list of a person making food drops in the area.

Said Emma: ‘My eldest went to the door as we were not expecting anyone and found the bags of shopping and five children’s lunch bags. When she came in, she told me that someone had left the shopping with a note. When I read the note I teared up. I was shocked. It was totally unexpected.’

The message in the groceries also indicated there would be regular food drops on the porch for all of her children. It brought Emma to tears and her children had some different reactions.

Said Emma: ‘My 16-year-old was shocked and my five-year-old and four-year-old were both very excited. My 11-month old just wanted the biscuits he had spotted at the top of the bag.’ Emma could not be happier by the kind gesture. It truly brightened her day.

Said Emma: ‘I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. On a day where I was struggling mentally, you brightened it up. It is very much appreciated and it shows there are still some people sharing their humanity around.’

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