Student, 10, arrested for school shooting text wrote that he’d bought four assault rifles

The sheriff of Florida who detained an elementary school boy for reportedly threatening a mass massacre justified publicly identifying the juvenile by claiming, ‘a child pulling a trigger equals the same outcome.’

Daniel Issac Marquez, 10, was accused of making a written threat to commit mass murder after texting about Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral.

According to the police complaint, the boy’s claimed text message said he fooled his friend and attached a Google picture of money. He purchased this, he said a few seconds later, along with a picture of four assault weapons. ‘Get ready for water day,’ Marquez said.

He mentioned bundles of money and getting ready  to execute a mass massacre,’ Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said of the text in a radio interview Monday, adding, ‘They don’t wait one second.’ Every danger is investigated as though it were actual.’

Marceno added that every danger is genuine. Every danger is real unless proven otherwise.

The sheriff also remarked on the boy’s arrest, adding that “false threats” had “serious repercussions.”

Sheriff Carmine Marceno – Safe kids, Safe School

As Sheriff Carmine Marceno has stated, the students of Lee County will be safe! Listen to his powerful message. #LawandOrderSheriff

Posted by Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, May 27, 2022

The sheriff stated that he ran a campaign. Real consequence, fake threat, he understands the youngster is ten years old. However he has to tell one that his brain isn’t fully formed because he’s a juvenile. When a 10-year-old hits a trigger, the result is the same regardless of age.

‘If you think you’re going to come and kill a kid or a staff person, think again,’ he said to anybody planning a school shooting. We’ll murder you right away.’

The bogus attack was the community’s second in a week of being shaken by the prospect of violence against a school. On Thursday, a lady stated she planned to attend a high school graduation in the region while carrying a bomb strapped to her chest.

However, they both came after a sick 18-year-old shooter killed 19 children and two instructors in Uvalde, Texas. Last Tuesday, Salvador Ramos blasted his grandma in the face before embarking on a rampage at Robb Elementary School.

Following his arrest, officers chastised the fifth-grader for behaving “like a young criminal,” adding that he was now “facing real repercussions.”

After Marquez was detained on Saturday, Sheriff Carmine Marceno chastised him for his horrible text message. This student’s action is disgusting, particularly in light of the recent horror in Uvalde, Texas, he added.

‘It is critical that our children are safe. Our schools will be law and order! My crew didn’t waste any time… NOT ONE SECOND TO ENQUIRE ABOUT THIS THREATENING.’

He subsequently said, real repercussions. Law and order will be restored in Lee County.

The School Threat Enforcement Team and the Youth Services Criminal Investigations Division are looking into the tragic occurrence.

The sheriff said that at present it is not the time to act like a little hooligan. It’s not amusing. This boy made a false threat, and now he is paying the price.

Sheriff Marceno was straightforward in his reply two days after the Robb Elementary School attack, addressing the reporters, ‘You don’t get to shoot our kids.  If you bring lethal force into this nation, we will murder you.’

The sheriff commended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for providing police officers in the state with “the tools” to keep kids secure and law and order in place.

On May 27, Sheriff Marceno featured in an eight-minute film criticizing government help to Ukraine.

The money, according to the sheriff, should be invested on ‘target hardening’ the schools.

Marceno told parents of Lee County that their kids were secure at nearby schools in front of six sheriff’s officers, all armed with assault weapons and dressed in tactical gear.

Marceno was appointed as Lee County Sheriff for the first time in 2018 by then-Governor Rick Scott, following the resignation of former Sheriff Mike Scott.

Marceno, a Republican, defeated Democratic rival Robert Neeld in the 2020 election.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Lee County’s crime rate declined by 18.4 percent from 2018 and 2020.

Considering the county’s increasing population. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Cape Coral became one of the most popular places for those fleeing cities.

This is the second time in a week that the Cape Coral community has been shaken by a threat of violence against a school.

Tracy Carter, a lady, threatened to attend a high school graduation in the region with a fake bomb attached to her chest on May 26.

Carter was furious that her kid was unable to graduate or join prom due to disciplinary difficulties, according to the Cape Coral Police Department.

Carter stated that she felt awful for the kids she would terrify, but she needed to be heard. She maintained that she had no intention of hurting anybody.

The lady went on to say that she wanted to imitate the Denzel Washington film ‘John Q,’ which depicts a parent holding a hospital emergency department hostage in order to obtain a life-saving procedure for his kid.

A later investigation of Carter’s residence yielded no evidence of bomb-making materials.

Daniel Marquez, 10, was arrested shortly after the Department of Justice published a scathing evaluation of the law enforcement response to the original 911 calls involving the incident in Uvalde.

‘The aim of the study is to offer an unbiased assessment of law enforcement activities and reactions that day,’ said DOJ spokesperson Anthony Coley in a news statement.

Ramos’ rampage in Uvalde lasted 77 minutes before he was apprehended by a border patrol official, according to the report.

Parents of pupils at Robb Elementary School arrived at the school after hearing rumors of a shooting while the horror was taking on inside.

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