Student dies while performing in reenactment of Jesus’s crucifixion

A university student died while performing a replica of Jesus’ crucifixion, and observers assumed it was all part of the performance.

Sule Ambrose, 25, was studying to be a priest at the Clariantian University seminary in Nekede, Nigeria’s south-east. Ambrose dressed up as Simon Peter, Jesus’ most significant Disciple, for the Good Friday reenactment, wearing a long white toga.

During the performance, though, he dropped to the ground and began to bleed. Local media said that onlookers assumed it was part of the reenactment.

Onlooker Micheal Eluwa told Vanguard that at first, when it happened, they believed it was a prank, and that it was part of the play. When he was unable to get up, they recognised it was a severe situation, and he was sent to a school hospital.

Afterward, when the situation worsened, he was transferred to a nearby Federal Medical Center. It was from there that they learned he wouldn’t make it. According to the seminary, the reason for Ambrose’s demise is still unknown.

The news of his terrible demise comes after a respected scholar said that Jesus died after dislocating his shoulder while bearing the cross.

According to retired neurologist Patrick Pullicino, Jesus died as a result of complications relating to his shoulder injury, rather than anything else.

The Rev. Prof. Pullicino wrote a scholarly study regarding his idea in the Catholic Medical Quarterly.

May this young boy’s soul rest in peace.

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