Student Handovers A Secret Note To The Teacher That Made Her Call The Cops Immediately.

Ever know someone who did something really stupid? Oh, they’re out there. Fortunately, others are smarter, and one mother outwitted a man holding her and her daughter against their will.

In Louisiana, a teacher was handed a note by one of her 11-year-old female students. It was a handwritten note, and it shocked her to her core. The note indicated that she, the student, and her mother were being held hostage by her mother’s boyfriend.

The mother had written the note for her daughter to give to her teacher so that teacher could act on it. And that teacher did. She went right to the administrators, and they, in turn, contacted police.

When police got to the student’s home, they knocked on the door, and there was no answer. Then they quickly obtained a search warrant, went inside, and found the boyfriend, Donald Ray Guy, hiding inside a closet.

The mother and daughter had been held inside the home against their will for several weeks, allowing only the daughter to attend school to not draw attention. The mother seen that this was their only way out, so she found a few seconds to scrawl an SOS note and whispered to her daughter to get it to her teacher.

The boyfriend was arrested, as were his mother and grandmother, for their part in helping him hold the pair hostage. The mother and daughter, fortunately, were not injured while being held against their will. 

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