Student Has Had Enough Of Financially-Struggling Roommate Eating All Of Her Food, Buys A Mini Fridge For Her Room Only, Drama Ensues.

If you’ve ever shared a room with someone, you’ve undoubtedly had a story or two to relate. Occasionally, you become close buddies with many memories to remember, but it is also possible that you dislike each other’s presence. There might be several reasons why your roommate is bothering you. The author was courteous enough to buy meals for both of them until the roommate’s conduct grew insufferable. Read on to find out how the story developed.

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I (19F) go to a really expensive college. I’m lucky because not only did I get a scholar ship but my parents are wealthy and I can get money whenever I want, my roommate on the other hand isn’t as lucky. She comes from a poor background and has to work because her parents can’t pay her tuition and she doesn’t even have a partial scholarship. She often takes my food because she wants to spend most of her spare money on makeup/clothes/decorations and paying for her monthly payment to the school, so I allowed her to eat the food I bought.

The issue was that she started eating too much. I understand eating 3-4 times a day, but my roommate literally ends a whole fridge full of food in less than 2 weeks and I got to eat less than 25% of what I HAD BOUGHT. It got to the point I had asked her to cut it down a bit and she got offended asking me if I was calling her fat, to which I replied no I’m calling you a binge eater. She said she’d stop but she never did.

Last week I got fed up because I had bought my favourite cake from a bakery 30 minutes away and it costed me 120$ and I put a little note on it that said “you can eat some but please leave me half! :)” and when I came home that same day she had eaten the whole cake and the note said “sorry hope you didn’t mind I was hungry and stressed”.

I ordered a mini fridge from Amazon and it arrived at my house 4 days ago and I immediately went shopping for things I would eat and that could last me at least 1-2 weeks. I’d rather have less food supply than paying for more and having less. It’s in my room and my room is always locked when I’m not home.

Yesterday I was laying in bed when she barged in and said “hey the fridge is kinda empty, when are you going to buy more food?”. I told her “I’m not” and she got mad and told me I knew her situation and I should be a “real friend” and buy food for her. Then she saw the mini fridge and she started losing it, really not even remember what she said.

Now her friends are texting me asking me why I decided to stop buying food for us when that was the “agreement”. I’m sure she’s telling them a twisted side of the story but I still wanna know Am I Really A Jerk OR Acting Selfish?

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