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Super Bowl Includes Ads About Jesus As Part Of Multi-Million Dollar “He Gets Us” Campaign.

Viewers will witness something unexpected during the Super Bowl thanks to a multi-million dollar “He Gets Us” campaign – advertisements about Jesus!

Every year, millions of people tune in to watch the Super Bowl. However, many people who tune in on February 12, 2023, will not be doing so only to see Kansas City play Philadelphia. They’ll also be watching the commercials.

Super Bowl advertisement often creates as much (if not more) attention and debate than the game itself. Brands may spend up to $7 million on a 30-second commercial during the Big Game. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the advertisements have become a huge lure for fans of the highly broadcast championship game.

Super Bowl commercials often include big-name celebrities or pop culture references. And they generally have us crying, shocked, or laughing out loud. However, most people would not anticipate seeing advertisements for Jesus during the most-watched athletic event in the United States.

But, owing to a multi-million dollar effort from the “He Gets Us” movement, Super Bowl 57 will have precisely that.

The purpose of the “He Gets Us” campaign, according to Jason Vanderground, President of Haven, the advertising firm behind the advertisements, is to unify the American people around the perplexing love and forgiveness of Jesus.

The goal is to change people’s perceptions about Jesus.

In some ways, in America, there has to be a rebranding of Jesus as a more biblically true and historically accurate Jesus Christ, said Chris Broussard, a Fox Sports 1 sports pundit and campaign ambassador. And he believes the “He Gets Us” campaign does that.

Many people see religion as stodgy, judgmental, and divisive. The “He Gets Us” campaign, on the other hand, aims to make people recognize that Jesus is none of those things.

They just want everyone to grasp the true Jesus as portrayed in the Bible—the Jesus of profound tolerance, empathy, and love, as the campaign’s website claims.

As a result, in addition to their usual advertising efforts and viral advertisements, the “He Gets Us” campaign will employ one of the most powerful venues in mainstream media—the Super Bowl—to promote the simple message that Jesus loves you.

Jesus not only loves us, but He understands us. He understands our difficulties; he understands what it’s like to be human. But, as the “He Gets Us” website reminds out, Jesus is far more than simply a decent man and a deep teacher. He is the Son of God.

We find forgiveness and grace in Him for all of our flaws, faults, and transgressions. We discover redemption in Jesus, which this world cannot provide.

And how thrilling to learn that the Good News will be shown during the Super Bowl!

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