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Superman actor Henry Cavill says his pet dog ‘saved’ him from mental health struggles

Dogs are the ideal pets since they are such devoted friends, constantly there to raise our moods with their everlasting love. Dogs have been shown to boost people’s emotional and physical health.

People from various walks of life, even renowned Hollywood actors, depend on their pets for reassurance. Lately, one superhero revealed the impact his furry friend has had on his life.

Henry Cavill is best known to viewers for his portrayal of the famous hero Superman in recent major movies such as Man of Steel and Justice League. In addition, he has featured in Mission: Impossible — Fallout and Enola Holmes.

But even “superheroes” require some assistance, and Cavill recently revealed the companion who has offered him the most assistance: his dog, Kal.

Cavill’s 8-year-old American Akita is well-known to those who follow him on social media: the actor is not hesitant about sharing images of his canine companion online.

In a previous article, he described Kal as half dog, half bear, half pig, and all soul, and referred to him as an amazing treasure.

Cavill added, he had him since he was 10 weeks old, and they’ve gone through thick and thin together. They spend so much time together that he is not sure who is imitating who anymore.

The incomparable Kal. Part dog, part bear, part pig and all soul. For those who don't know, this is Kal, he is an…

Posted by Henry Cavill on Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Cavill recently appeared on the British morning chat show Lorraine, accompanied by his lovely puppy.

Fans were thrilled to see Cavill’s puppy at his side as he spoke with broadcaster Lorraine Kelly — and the actor revealed how much the pet signifies to him.

He’s his best friend; they go everywhere together, Cavill explained.

He added that Kal has considerably aided him in his mental health: He has rescued his emotional and psychological bacon several times. They have a really tight relationship, Cavill added.

When he is wearing his own clothes, he’ll be close – he’s almost always close, but he’ll be closer.

With such a strong friendship, it’s no wonder that Cavill prefers to have his closest pal close at all times – even on set.

He allegedly kept Kal on the set of The Witcher, the Netflix fantasy series in which Cavill presently plays.

He was there the whole time; he spent the most of his time in the trailer instead of on set, Cavill told. Because when Kal sees him but can’t get to him, he starts making a lot of noise. They didn’t want him coming in halfway through a scene, particularly a sword battle, since he’d be bringing people down. However, he was always present.

In an interview, Cavill remarked, Kal has been an absolute godsend for him. He is a genuine buddy and at those moments when Cavill just needs another being around but doesn’t necessarily want to put much effort into that person.

He’s incredible. To him, he’s a dog, but he’s also a buddy. He, too, is a person.

Even “Superman” has to be saved once and again, and it’s apparent that this lovely dog is always there to soothe Cavill when he requires it.

We are overjoyed that these two closest buddies have each other! Share this wonderful news!

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