Surgeon Operates On Teddy Bear For 8-Year-Old Boy.

There are doctors out there… and then… there are GREAT doctors out there.

In Canada, 8-year-old Jackson McKie was being prepped for a serious operation, an operation on his brain. So, naturally, he was nervous.

When his surgeon, Dr. Daniel McNeely, stopped by to chat with Jackson before the operation, Jackson asked him a serious question: Could he please… before his own surgery… fix his bear, named Little Baby?

Well, Dr. Dan didn’t have to give that much thought. Of course he would fix Little Baby. Says the good doctor, “How could I say No?” So Dr. Dan dressed up a small table, put Little Baby on top of it with an “oxygen mask” over its face, put his mask and gloves on, then… very carefully… proceeded to operate on Little Baby.

He fixed a tear in the bear’s underarm. The doctor’s kind gesture put young Jackson so much more at ease before his Own operation. Dr. Dan then went to work on the boy to repair a shunt in his brain to release some pressure.

Photos of the doctor working on the bear have been shared more than 7,000 times.

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