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Suri Cruise Is Getting Ready For College & Her Dad Tom Still Has No Role In Her Life.

Many stories throughout the years have suggested that Tom Cruise is separated from his daughter, Suri Cruise. Further charges that Tom has “no part” in Suri’s life have surfaced.

Suri is apparently prepared to attend college soon, and the 16-year-old is claimed to have submitted applications to a variety of colleges – all without any input from Tom.

According to the insider, Suri is applying to fashion schools in New York City. As explained by the insider, Suri is applying to colleges all around the country. [Katie] really wants her to remain in New York so they can be close. Katie is quite proud of herself, but she is also incredibly protective.

According to the source, Tom does not play a role in [Suri’s] life.

Yet, as part of his divorce arrangement with Katie Holmes, Tom is required to pay for Suri’s college tuition.

The arrangement allegedly includes a $400,000 monthly payment to Katie Holmes until Suri is 18, as well as medical, dental, and insurance expenses, education, college, and other extracurricular fees for his daughter.

Further information may be seen in the video below!

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