Swaying Tyson Fury attacks a taxi as he struggles to stand on boozy holiday in Cannes.

Tyson Fury revealed this morning that he’d had ‘too many drinks’ after a video surfaced showing him striking out at a cab and unable to stand while on a drunken vacation in Cannes.

The WBC heavyweight champion is on vacation in Cannes, but a video purports to show the Gypsy King looking a little worse for wear on Wednesday.

The footage appears to show Fury being kept upright by friends and his father John before being led to the white cab throughout the day.

The 33-year-old then seems to lean against the Renault to assist him in opening a rear door.

Taxi refusing Tyson Fury a left

Posted by Davie Keenan on Wednesday, May 18, 2022

However, the driver seems to explain to his buddies that he was too inebriated to allow Fury into the vehicle, as seen by hand motions out the window.

Fury’s pals, though, are unfazed and try to persuade the driver that he should still be carried, but the car appears to have had enough and is driven away.

That’s when Fury seems to kick the Renault’s bumper as it drives away, before his pals join in and mimic the Gypsy King’s antics.

Fury has been busy on social media, documenting his activities in Cannes, which looks to have been an especially rowdy affair.

Fury is featured in an Instagram story post with father John on a four-mile run across the city on Thursday morning, and the former comments, ‘Nice run dad this morning through the city.’

‘Back at it,’ John says afterwards. We had too many last night.’ Tyson then asks his father, ‘Wasn’t that a strong drink, dad?’

‘Strongest I’ve had in a while,’ says John.

Fury has stated that he has resigned from boxing following his sixth-round knockout of Dillian Whyte last month in front of 94,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium.

Fury has started his retirement by living aboard a boat with a jacuzzi, living room, and dining area.

Fury has also shared other clips of himself and his wife Paris on his Instagram stories, including one in which he asks her to give him a beer next to him while relaxing on a sun lounger.

With a smile on her face, Paris consented, and Fury captioned the video, ‘If Carlsberg did wives.’

Paris then obliged another of his demands by bringing him a carrot snack coated in hummus while she sipped her wine glass.

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