Sylvester Stallone celebrates 24 years of marriage to wife Jennifer Flavin — happy anniversary

Few Hollywood superstars are as well-known as Sylvester Stallone, 75. He’s been an action movie legend for decades, best known for roles such as Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. While he is a well-known rough guy on television, he is a dedicated family man in real life. He also celebrated his anniversary with his wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, this week. 

In celebration of their anniversary, the Hollywood couple sent heartfelt messages to each other on social media. The pair celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary on May 17th. They were married in 1997. On Instagram, Stallone shared a selfie of himself and his wife.

The 74 year old actor added that time flies by, but he has a fortunate life thanks to his wife and family.

Jennifer Flavin, 53, also paid homage to her celebrity husband on social media, posting a snapshot of the couple on their wedding day. Flavin penned that to the love of her life, she wished him a happy 24th wedding anniversary. 

Stallone and Flavin are the parents of three daughters: Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. Flavin is Stallone’s third wife, despite the fact that their marriage is still going strong. His first marriage, to Sasha Czack, lasted from 1974 to 1985. Sage and Seargeoh were the couple’s two sons. Stallone was also married for two years to actress Brigitte Nielsen, in a highly known Hollywood marriage and divorce. His marriage to Flavin almost didn’t happen: after six years of dating, Stallone momentarily ended their relationship when his liaison with another lady became public. But the couple reconciled, had their first child, and married in 1997. 

For Stallone, the third time was the charm, and his marriage to Flavin is now one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples. Their romance has changed Stallone’s life. He claimed in 2010 that he never had more fun. That’s something he learned from his wife… It took him 19 years to discover that she is always correct. He noticed that women, at least Jennifer, had a penchant for making highly educated, clever, and savvy judgments. He generally takes a jump without looking.

Flavin is now an entrepreneur and co-owner of a skin care firm. And Stallone’s Hollywood career is still prospering. In the Creed flicks, he effectively repeated his most renowned role as Rocky Balboa, for which he received an Oscar nomination. He is also working on a new director’s cut of Rocky IV and will appear as King Shark in the upcoming superhero flick The Suicide Squad. 

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin have been married for a wonderful 24 years! 

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