Syracuse cops accused of ‘terrorizing’ boy suspected of stealing chips

Cops in Syracuse, New York were held on camera arresting a young black boy for pocketing a pack of chips from convenience store.

The awful video was trapped on camera as at least four officers were seen dragging the 10-year-old boy and compelling him into a police van.

Child accused of stealing chips handcuffed & arrested; #police review underway in #Syracuse Video Courtesy: @HunndoHefner (Twitter)

Posted by André Senior on Tuesday, 19 April 2022

The young kid seemed to be extremely shocked by the whole event and was crying and shouting as he had his hands positioned behind his back and was taken towards the police car.

The individual recording the capture could not believe what he was observing and shouted at officers to let the little boy go. Officers answered impolitely to the inquisitive resident basically telling him to mind his own task and let police do their work. 

The person asked the cops what the kid had done and upon being told he had whipped a pack of chips and even offered to pay for the article if it meant officers would let the child go.

The videotape finishes with the child crying unbelievably as he sits in the back of a police car. 

The whole instance has also ignited a frantic response online with many social media users annoyed about careless response by police on the youngster.

The instance is now under examination by the Syracuse police Department who gave a statement on the matter.

Statement stated that the cops are conscious of a video being shared on social media linking quite a few of their Officers and youngster accused of thieving from a store.  They further said that the incident containing the Officers’ actions and cameras are being studied. 

The Police department further clarified that there is some distortion involving this circumstance. The youngster alleged of theft was not placed in cuffs. He was retained in the back seat of a Police vehicle where he was straight brought home. The department said that the Police officers met with the child’s father and no charges were filed.

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