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Tattoo Artist Shows Off Freckles She Inked On A Client – But People Are Horrified.

A TATTOO ARTIST FROM AUSTRALIA has gone viral after showing off one of her latest masterpieces – tattooed freckles – but viewers aren’t overjoyed.

Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick), from Brisbane, Australia, showed one of her most recent portfolio additions – tattooed freckles, complete with a small heart-shaped freckle – in a TikTok viral video.

According to the Australian tattoo artist, Michaela was willing to go 900 kilometers simply to have her face covered with tattooed freckles.

@daisylovesick OBSESSED with these freckle tattoos ✨ #freckletattoo #facetattoo #cosmetictattooartist #tattooartist ♬ Timelapse – Michael Logozar

Daisy stated they had decided to ink medium coverage freckles after seeing how the woman looked before the consultation.

She always plans her freckles with her clients sitting up, and she has them go and look in the mirror to make sure they’re pleased before they start, she added.

Daisy discussed the method in another video, when she maps for a freckle tattoo, she maps naturally by eye.

She asks her customers to grin, make faces, chat, and look in the mirror to ensure that everything is in line with their vision.

When Michaela was through drawing, the Aussie whizz went to work, making the freckle fan’s skin “mad, furious.”

Daisy explained that Mikayla’s skin looked red and somewhat swollen in the video.

A lot of the time, the freckles will look like this shortly after they’re done, but the skin will calm down in about an hour. And her clients are perfectly aware that this is what they will appear like when they leave the studio.

She is so very delighted with how these freckles turned out and she especially adores all those wonderful ones over the nose.

While Daisy couldn’t stop thinking about her work, viewers appeared to have a different viewpoint, with many of them frightened by the inking.

“My trypophobia is at an all-time high,” one embarrassed TikTok user said.


“They don’t appear realistic,” someone else said.

”she’s gonna regret that,” a fourth was convinced.

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