Taylor Swift’s rep responds to viral report saying singer took 170 private jet trips so far this year

After a recent allegation claimed that the singer flew 170 times on a private aircraft in 2022, Taylor Swift’s representatives have responded.

On Friday, July 29, the digital marketing firm Yard published a study that listed the top 10 celebrities they said were responsible for the greatest CO2 emissions from their private aircraft.

Taylor Swift topped the list with 170 trips on her private plane between January 1 and July 19, according to reports. The organization estimates that the trips totaled 22,923 airborne minutes, with an average flight length of 80 minutes. According to reports, the planes must have produced 8,293.54 tonnes of CO2 in total, which is 1,184.8 times higher CO2 emissions than the typical person.

Swift’s representative claimed in a statement that Taylor’s jet is frequently lent out to other people. It would be outrageous to blame her for the majority or all of these journeys.

The report was written by the agency utilizing data from the @CelebrityJets account. The Twitter account states on its website that it gets its information from ADS-B Exchange, which calls itself the “world’s largest public source of unfiltered flight data.” It claims that the data came from the community

The agency is “conscious that this list is not definitive to the worst offenders,” Yard stated in a disclaimer on its article.

The study is based on information regarding the celebrities’ aircraft, so there is “no way to confirm if these celebrities were on all the documented flights,” according to the disclaimer, which also contained a statement from Swift’s reps. The paper, according to the organization, was written to draw attention to the negative effects that using private planes and flights has on the environment.

Social media users’ reactions to the report’s allegations were conflicted. While some people praised the singer, others criticized Swift for the potential environmental damage that her flights would have.

As the musician with the most CO2 emissions this year, Taylor Swift makes history. On Twitter, someone made a joke about how she is the first female musician to do so.

Another follower wrote on Twitter, “So apparently Taylor Swift has used her private aircraft the most of any celebrity, and has done 170 flights this year ALONE. You’re making it more and more difficult for me to stand up for you.”

One supporter wrote in Swift’s defense: “It’s 2022 lmao and people still believe they can cancel Taylor Swift like they did in 2016… over her jet that’s often sent out to other people? as being serious

Another Twitter user stated that “blaming people for CO2 emissions accomplishes little to affect the companies that are truly driving the problem.” “Taylor could undoubtedly perform better, but most others could as well. Taylor Swift’s private plane is a little part of the genuine improvements that will actually matter.

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