Teacher Adopts Her Student When His Mother Lost The Battle From Cancer.

Single mother Jean Manning lived in Florida with her son Jake, who has Down Syndrome. But Jean had to move to Massachusetts to get the medical care she needed. That meant Jake’s schooling would have to be shifted as well. A school was quickly found, and that’s when Jean and Jake met Kerry Bremer, who would be Jake’s new teacher.

Kerry fell in love with Jake immediately. She understood that Jean was going to be away from home a lot with treatments. So she went home and talked to her husband about it. She came back and told Jean that if that cancer took her, she would take Jake into her family.

Said one of Jean’s friends, Cheryl: “Kerry Bremer came to Jeanie as an angel on earth and stepped up and offered to bring Jake into her family of five should Jeanie’s cancer win.”

After that, Jake began spending a lot of time with Kerry and her family, becoming accustomed to them. Over the next few years, he spent weekends and holidays with his second family. Then, last month, after taking a nap following a chemo treatment, Jean never woke up.

Everyone was devastated, but Kerry immediately took full responsibility over Jake, who said his mom went to heaven and he will miss her.

Said Kerry: “We shared our boy and she will live on here in this house.”

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