Teacher excuses bully for “breaking” young girls arm because her grandma died – now mom is outraged

The majority of kids will face bullying at some point in their lives, and every parent fears it. Each day you send your kid to school, you send them with the hope that they will be secure, grow, and benefit from their education to the fullest. However, when a kid is being bullied, they withdraw and don’t want to go to school. Read the story to know what happened in this story and let us know how you would handle the situation.

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So I(38F) have 5 kids, all internationally adopted as I am infertile. This in particular is about one of my daughters (9f), I will call her Zoey as it starts with the same letter as her real name.

Zoey just entered 4th grade, she’s going to school in person this year. Well one girl (I’ll call her Cat) has been picking on Zoey a lot. I’m not one of those moms who makes a huge fuss over every little squabble. Cat has picked on Zoey for being adopted, being asian and started rumors that she has the virus. Every time Zoey tries to tell her teacher, her teacher either brushes it off as a “conflict” or says that Cat is dealing with a lot and not to mind her even though that is very hard for Zoey.

I have learned with one of my older kids to document every incident of bullying that happens to my child, I just write down the date and what they say happened in a notebook. It usually turns out to be nothing.

I have done this for what Zoey has said about Cat. Well last week was the final straw. I got a call from the nurse that Zoey had fallen out of a tree at recess and hurt her arm and she had to go to urgent care. I picked her up as soon as I could. When we got in the car she said what really happened was Cat told her if she climbed up the tree she would let her sit on the class bean bag or something like that.

When Zoey did it Cat began shaking the other end of it. When Zoey fell out of the tree Cat ran away. When her teacher got there she tried to tell him what happened but he scolded her for climbing up there (granted he didn’t know how bad it was) and took her to the nurse.

Her wrist was broken because I guess she tried to catch herself from falling and ended up twisting it backwards. After she was home with my husband I marched into that school p**sed off. I ended up having a meeting with the guidance counselor and her teacher. Her teacher kept trying to call it a fight or conflict (giving them equal blame basically) or saying that she shouldn’t have climbed the tree in the first place. Then he said that in the beginning of the year Cats parents told him that her grandma died over the summer so cut her a little slack.

I said I didn’t care and she should still be punished. He seemed shocked that I said I didn’t care. We had all this week off so I’ve taken a little time to cool off and now I’m not sure if I’m TA for saying that. Did I go too far here? 

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