Teacher Gives His Own Shoes To The Student To Walk Across Graduation Stage.

Graduation day is always a big deal for those who are graduating, and everything for them has to be perfect. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

In Richmond, Virginia, it was graduation day for fifth grade students at George Mason Elementary School. But just before the ceremony, one of the students ran into a big problem. One of his shoes fell apart. He quickly told the school’s guidance counselor, Vohn Lewis, about it.

They got with the art teacher and tried to use some supplies to patch up the shoes. But that didn’t work. At that point, Lewis removed his shoes and told the student to wear his.

The student was quite surprised, but very grateful that the guidance counselor would offer up his own shoes so he could walk across the stage during graduation. The art teacher said she almost cried after watching Lewis give the student his own shoes to use. But Lewis didn’t do it freely. He asked that the student one day do the same for someone else. And that student promised that he would. 

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