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Teacher hands school custodian keys to his favorite car & tells him ‘it’s yours’

It is not necessary to do huge things to really shine in your community. Small acts of kindness may often have a big impact on individuals’ lives.

Chris Jackson, a custodian at Unity Grove Elementary School, has always been a ray of sunshine on campus. He’s dependable and will never hesitate to help somebody in any manner.

But, beneath his broad grins and upbeat demeanor, Jackson hides his hardships and the everyday hurdles he faces. When he hit rock bottom, even getting around was difficult.

A vehicle would make his commute to work simpler, but he couldn’t afford one.

Jackson said they had bus, transportation, but he was faster than the bus. It would add one hour, 45 minutes. And he was just one hour away from work. So there’s no stopping him.

And, despite the difficulties, he continued to serve his community at Unity Grove.

He arrives on time, performs his work effectively, and ensures that everything is in order. Even on the most trying days, Jackson maintained a positive attitude.

His work ethic and attitude were observed, and both professors and kids were grateful to have Jackson at their school.

He has never arrived at work without a grin on his face. The children here love him. They love Mr. Chris dearly. And he just works so hard, Special Education Teacher Jodi Combs says about Jackson and his efforts.

When the school heard about Jackson’s difficulties, they jumped in to assist.

What, after all, is a school if not a community? And a community is continually looking out for one another.

When they found out Chris had fallen on hard times, they banded together to help with his immediate requirements, she continued.

They may not be able to address all of his issues, and we doubt Jackson would allow them, but they understood how to make a difference.

They recognized that his most pressing need was an automobile, and because Jackson already had some money to put towards one, the school decided to raise the rest of the money.

Jackson was seen following a teacher across the parking lot in a video released on Facebook. They informed him that she needed assistance, and Jackson, as always, was eager to assist. Only this time, the assistance was for him.

Today was one of those days that makes you smile for hours. Through the generosity of our staff, we have been able to bless our head custodian Mr. Chris in his time of need. In the past few months, Ms Combs and Ms MacDonald have orchestrated collection for funds to help him find housing and utility payments. Thanks to a wonderful Jackson friend, today the staff gifted Chris A CAR so he no longer has to walk to work! Little did we know, it was his favorite type of car, and he was stunned to know that it was HIS! Unity Grove is a special place, and we are so grateful for the people who are in our lives. #unitymakesusgreat

Posted by Unity Grove Elementary on Monday, 16 August 2021

As they approached a Chevrolet Impala, Jackson’s dream automobile, the instructor abruptly turned to him and gave him the keys.

Jackson was taken aback at first. He was simply standing there, trying to comprehend what had just occurred. The instructors surrounding him were describing what the staff had done and welcoming him to his new automobile, which was his dream car.

“If y’all was in my body right now, I can’t move!” Jackson said in the Facebook post. “I’m stuck. I’m really stuck.”

Jackson took his time processing what had just transpired.

He eventually received his comeuppance. It’s all due to the community he worked to serve, as well as the personnel who didn’t hesitate to return the favor.

It only goes to show that, although we all have our own problems, there is a lot that can be solved when people work together.

Play the video below to witness Mr. Chris receive the surprise of a lifetime and an interview with him!

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