Teacher Is More Than Proud To Wear Her Student’s Artwork.

Rebecca Bonner is an art teacher at an elementary school in Highland Village, Texas. And she just LOVES the artwork her students create. And one day last year, she decided to show her students just how much she loves their creativity.

Rebecca brought to class one of her white skirts. She put in on a table just outside her classroom and asked all of her students, as well as all the other students in the school, to draw their own special doodle on it for her. Two weeks and 580 students later, the doodle-filled skirt was complete.

Says Rebecca about the tiny drawings: “They were so careful and thoughtful. You can see a ton of rainbows, hearts, flowers, dogs, unicorns, superheroes, paintbrushes and emojis! All things I love! It was quite a special experience.”

Later in the year, Rebecca wore her special skirt to the school district’s big art show, and beyond all the great art at the show, the skirt itself was quite a hit. Her daughter took a picture of her mom in the skirt and posted it to Twitter. The photo was retweeted more than 12,000 times and received about 110,000 likes.

Says Rebecca: “My immediate reaction was I was happy that art and something positive was getting a little love. I hope other future teachers see this and get excited and inspired.”

And Rebecca doesn’t plan to stop with this one skirt. She plans on ordering more of them from Amazon to repeat the project and let all the students have more fun with it. 

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