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Teacher Removes American Flag, Tells Kids To Pledge Allegiance To Another Flag.

In a celebration video, a California teacher videotaped herself bragging about how she indoctrinates her kids to advance her own political goal. Kristin Pitzen, a Newport Mesa School District instructor, boldly grinned as she stated that she not only lowered the American flag from her classroom but also built another flag for children to honor.

With the growth of technology and social media, parents can now see what their kids are studying in school. Because politics have made their way into public schools, the social justice movement has gotten more attention than academics.

In the video, which was sent to the “Libs of TikTok” account on Twitter, Pitzen talked about how she teaches her kids things like the Pledge of Allegiance during the morning announcements.

Pitzen said that she pulled down the American flag since it made her “uncomfortable” and “packed it away” in a location she doesn’t recall. She revealed that when one of her pupils inquired about what they should salute while reciting the oath, she pointed to an LGBTQ+ pride flag she had put on the wall.

The instructor has been put under investigation, according to the Orange County school administration. Officials, though, declined to provide any other information.

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time Pitzen shared specifics about her political brainwashing practices. In another video, she wore rainbow outfits to commemorate LGBT pride. She displayed her classroom, which was strewn with LGBTQ+ propaganda.

She pans around a number of little flags pinned to her whiteboard in the video. The following is a list of the most recent articles on the subject of pansexuality.

The videos appear to have originated from the TikTok account mrsgillingsworth. The account’s description is “Your Favorite English Teacher,” and the user’s pronouns are “She/They,” with the sexual preference indicated as “Bi.”

Pitzen may have been fired, yet she is only one of many instructors aiming to turn the students into political activists. Such teachers are incapable of allowing divergence from their own political slant, even if it means jeopardizing a student’s academic advancement.

The political indoctrination will continue indefinitely. Parents must fight the illness that runs through the veins of the public school system.

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