Teacher writes ‘absolutely pathetic’ on 7-year-old’s math paper

An educator should be someone who is always there for his or her students. We are all born with varied abilities and capabilities, but vicious criticism improves nothing or no one. For somebody who deals with young kids, obviously understand this.

A father’s post criticizing his son’s teacher over a math quiz has gone viral, with many asking for the instructor’s dismissal. Kamdyn Piland received a math quiz with the words “absolutely pathetic” scribbled across it.

The second grader gave his father the paper, which recorded that he completed 13 questions in 3 minutes and had a sad face painted on it.

According to dad Chris, he protested to the instructor about how this statement was intended to assist his child, to which the teacher responded, “please accept my apologies you feel as such.”

As a result, Chris resorted to Facebook to criticize the teacher. He added that his kid Kamdyn’s teacher has been so disrespectful to him and his dad all year and the father is beyond outraged that somebody would put this on a child’s work with such excellent encouragement.

Kamdyn expressed that she made him truly miserable and upset. He was furious and it was a very cruel thing to do.

Chris’ post in April last year became famous online with in excess of 1,000 remarks from individuals, many stunned at the instructor’s remarks and others favoring the educator for getting down on the 7-year-old’s presentation.

An appeal requiring the instructor to be terminated has drawn in excess of 20,000 marks. Another petition, with just under 1,000 signatures, is urging for her to maintain her job, conceding that what she did was wrong but not something she should be fired for.

Meanwhile, Chris said in the comments area of his Facebook post that he had no idea how the incident had been handled at the school, but that he had taken his child out of her class. Chris expressed that perhaps it will be taken seriously now, and it will prevent it from occurring to future instructors and children.

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