Teen boy, 14, charged with rape and murder of his cousin Lily Peters

The 14-year-old kid accused with the rape and killing of Wisconsin youngster Lily Peters is the son of a convicted pedophile.Adam Berger, 37, was imprisoned for three years after being detected with a hoard of pornographic photographs of adolescent females on his phone.

Carson Peters-Berger, Berger’s 14-year-old son, is now facing life in prison after being charged with three counts in Lily’s killing: first-degree deliberate murder, first-degree sexual assault, and first-degree sexual assault of a minor.

Ten pornographic images of extremely young females in spread-legged poses were discovered on Adam Berger’s phone, according to charging documents. Some of them had been doctored to include remarks like “first in ur tiny daughters a**^%le, then in ur mouth mom.” According to court documents, all of the disturbing images centered on the children’s genitalia.

He also had drug paraphernalia in his residence, including four crack pipes.Investigators also revealed specifics about how Lily was assaulted. According to early results, Lily died by strangulation and blunt force trauma, according to the Chippewa County Coroner’s office. However, a comprehensive autopsy might take many weeks.

The girl’s remains were transported over state borders to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office in neighbouring St. Paul, Minnesota, where forensic experts participated in the investigation. All future updates, according to Ramsey County officials, will come from Chippewa County. Lily’s remains will most likely be detained for at least two weeks, according to Chippewa’s coroner, pending legal proceedings.

According to Chippewa Falls police, Lily’s dad reported her missing Sunday night when she failed to come home from her aunt’s residence. The next morning, a search team discovered her remains nearby, in a suburban area bordered by parkland and the famed Leinenkugel’s brewery — less than a mile from her house. In connection with the homicide, Chippewa Falls police detained a 14-year-old boy on Tuesday. According to Chief Matthew Kelm, the perpetrator was “not an outsider” and knew Lily.

Police additionally served a court order at the auntie’s home on North Grove Street. Kelm wouldn’t remark on whether the suspect was captured at a similar location or connected with Lily during his news instructions.

A search warrant was also served at the aunt’s residence on North Grove Street. During his news conference, Kelm refused to say if the suspect was apprehended at the same house as Lily or if he was linked to her.

Prosecutors claimed in court Wednesday that the youngster confessed striking the girl in the stomach, knocking her down, beating her with a club, and choking her. The defendant claimed he sexually abused her after she died, according to Chippewa County District Attorney Wade Newell. According to Newell’s office, the suspect has been charged as an adult. However, the defense team has a procedure in place to contest this and perhaps have the case transferred to juvenile court. The suspect could look up to life in jail whenever sentenced. If guilty, the suspect may face life in jail.Heartbreaking! This beautiful baby dies in such a horrific gruesome way.


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