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Teen Boy Dies by Suicide After Confiding In His Mother That He Was Being Bullied at School | “Depantsed by Bullies”

Warning: This article contains themes of suicide and self-harm that some readers may find upsetting.

On Sunday, November 6, after being tormented at school, a Georgia youngster committed suicide after being depressed by his classmates. According to the Heard County Sheriff’s Office, an inquiry into the charges of bullying leading up to the teenager’s death has been initiated.

Austin McEntyre, a 15-year-old high school freshman, informed his mom, Lisa, on November 4 that he was unwell and wished to stay home from school. When she urged him to take a COVID swab, he allegedly revealed that he wasn’t unwell, rather than didn’t want to face bullying at school. She asked him what precisely have they been doing? He told her they pantsed him on Wednesday This time, they pantsed him in his shorts and underpants, Lisa explained.

Lisa phoned the school principal and informed her of the event, asking her to investigate while safeguarding the kid. The next day, everything appeared normal, and the mother-son combo had a delightful afternoon exploring their land.

Lisa claims the two had a heartbreaking talk in which McEntyre admitted that he didn’t have many pals at one point. Lisa then allegedly asked him if he would ever terminate his life, and his reaction was a firm “No.” The two then spent Saturday night, November 5, together before Lisa went to bed and McEntyre stayed up late.

Lisa got her package the following day. Lisa got two missed calls from the Heard County Sheriff’s Office while at work. When she went home, she saw deputies around her house. She asked, he’s gone, isn’t he? And a deputy nodded, ‘yes’.

Lisa explained that she just fully lost it. Austin died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the Heard County Sheriff’s Office. They are looking into a self-inflicted gunshot wound sustained by a Heard County High School student. They are investigating the situation, said Heard County Sheriff’s Office.

Lisa stated that she had subsequently discovered the magnitude of what McEntyre had been keeping from her and everyone else. She was now wanting to help others who were going through what her kid had gone through. They want to commemorate him and make a message that this bullying will not be tolerated, she said.

She wants children to be nice, caring, and accepting of everyone. People are wanting and are eager to listen and help, so they are not required to separate children and make them feel unimportant. Never feel as if one is carrying the entire world on one’s shoulders alone. “You’re not,” she clarified. McEntyre’s mom and two younger sisters survive him.

The school system is grieved by the loss of one of their high school students, Austin McEntyre, Heard County School Superintendent remarked in response to the young boy’s untimely death. An inquiry into the charges of bullying, as well as other occurrences brought to light by law enforcement, is underway. As required by law, the school system has a policy against bullying. If students are bullied or witness bullying, they have several places to turn to for assistance.

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