Teen Punished For Throwing Away Stepdad’s Bible When He Refused To Stop Calling Him A “*** Clown.”

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My husband (37) and my son (16) fight alot. A lot and I tried to intervene but my husband asked me to stay out of it while he works it out with my son.

My husband came up with a bunch of nicknames to call my son, It all started when they fight, and in each fight or argument, my husband comes up with a new nickname to call my son til they fight again or til my son apologizes. Nicknames like “dipstick, Stone cold embarrassment, a*sclown, imbecille, dweeb etc…”Since their latest fight, my husband has been calling my son an a*sclown. My son spoke up about how annoying it was and threatened my husband that if he doesn’t stop then he’ll throw away something of his.

Days ago, My son had friends over while I was out. Clearly, my husband called him “a*sclown” in front of his friend which caused a huge fight between them. My husband later called me panicking saying my son took his bible after their fight and refused to give it back. I went home and asked my son what happened and he told me my husband embarrassed him by calling him this nickname in front of his friends. I told him I’d talk to my husband later but asked him to give back the bible.

My son said he no longer had it because he threw it out, I was in shock. I told him this was offensive to his stepdad and his religion and he should have never resorted to this type of retaliation. He said he already watched my husband and that he could easily go get a replacement from the church. I got mad because this was a line he shouldn’t have crossed, throwing out stuff is never okay..

I punished him and took his allowance for the rest of the month. My son argued about how unfair this was and that my husband got away though he started it. I refused to argue because he was just lashing out and not ready to listen. I exited the room then spoke to my husband about it. My husband promised this all will stop if my son gets properly punished for what he did and I let him know he got his punishment. But, my son wasn’t having it, he called his grandmother (my MIL) and she tried to come to my home and yell at me but I refused to let her in. She texted that I was being unfair and just wrong for punishing my son but I replied that he did something worth punishing and no matter who started what, throwing away stuff isn’t okay. She kept calling but that was it for me.

Did the boy go too far here? Does he have a valid point or not?

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