Teen Laughed At For Riding Sister’s Pink Bike Gets UNBELIEVABLE Surprise.

Bullies sometimes just don’t know when to shut up. Often, it takes a little doing…., and here’s a story where making fun of someone backfires on the bullies.

A teenager with learning disabilities was made fun of for riding his sister’s bike… because it was pink. And, of course, we all know how bullies are… they just won’t let it go.

So in Cleveland, where the bullied teen named Elvis lives, word of Elvis’s bad treatment got back to police officers Ross and Raddell, and they didn’t like that a whole lot. So the officers checked with the Cleveland Police Foundation, and through the Cops for Kids program, they were able to get Elvis a brand new bike… and it was red, his favorite color. They also got him a riding helmet and even a basketball.

Maybe that’ll teach those bullies to keep their big mouth shut. Well, we certainly hope so. 

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