Teen Mother Shares Her Achievement On Facebook .

“Only 40 percent of women who had children in their teens graduate high school. Today I proudly joined that 40 percent. 3 years ago I thought I was too cool for school and dropped out. I became pregnant a few months later at only 17 and I was told that I’d be nothing more than a statistic.

After I had Arionna, my whole life changed and nothing else mattered but her. She pushed me to always be my best and is the reason I decided to go back to school and get my diploma. I wanted to give her the best life possible. I went back to school and did whatever I could to graduate. I hated leaving Ari everyday and missing so much. There were many tears and breakdowns for this diploma but I never gave up. There were many days I wanted to just give up because it was easier. Every time I thought about quitting I thought about the little girl watching me and the example I was setting.

If someone ever tells you that you can’t do something, remove their negativity from your life and show them the potential you’ve always had. Be somebody nobody thought you could be. A big thank you to my supporters who kept telling me I could do it when I was sure I couldn’t. This took me a little longer than most people my age. But “Even miracles take a little time” ~ The Fairy Godmother”

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