Teen observes a creepy man at a store moving closer to a little girl, his gut instinct tells him to ‘Stop Him Now.’

Cameron Cook was shopping with his mom, Heather, at their local Target outside of Boston in November 2016. Cameron, 17, was strolling around the store when he observed a suspicious-looking individual.

Cameron stated that the man had a “demonic glare” in his eye, so he continued to observe him. It didn’t take long for the inquisitive adolescent to see the man was hooked on a small girl whose mother was using the toilet at the time. He could see the man didn’t know the small child, and the longer he watched, the more uneasy he felt.

Cameron and Heather then noticed this huge, muscular man “grabbing” himself and approached near enough to smell the alcohol on his breath. Heather recommended they go on, but her brave adolescent son declined. He sensed something was awry and followed his intuition.

Just seconds later, the male pressed up against the girl, who was plainly perplexed.

Cameron pushed himself between the man and the girl and challenged him squarely. He was fearless, and what he did next was nothing short of amazing.

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