Teen Refuses To Visit Dad After He Converts Their Bedroom Into An Office For His New Wife.

When parents divorce, their connection with their kids changes regardless of the reasons. Things may get even more difficult when step or half-siblings are put into the picture, frequently creating envy and insecurity. In this story the teen originally adjusted well to their arrangement with their split parents, even appearing to get along with their stepmother and step-siblings. Until the teen came to their father’s house for their typical summer visit and found an unexpected surprise. Read the story and share your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

I used to visit my dad most weekends and all of summer.

He recently got remarried to someone I actually have a decent relationship with. I also have two stepbrothers who are younger and who I don’t really interact with.

My dad has a four bedroom house. So all the kids have a bedroom.

When I went to visit last month, I was “surprised” with a renovated room. And by renovated I mean it was converted to an office with a couch that pulls out to a bed. It did look nice I suppose.

Apparently my stepmother works from home and needs an office.

I didn’t cry or throw a tantrum. I slept in the room that weekend and have refused to stay the night since.

I was really hurt and felt like I didn’t matter. My mom tried to convince me to go back but gave up after I told her I was old enough to decide.

My dad is stressing out and has apologized and said he’ll change the room back but honestly, I’m done. This was the final thing that sealed the deal for me. I told him that as well. I told him I’ll come for day visits and we can have dinners but I won’t be staying overnight anymore.

Was I the a**h**e? He did cry and I feel really shi**y about it.

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