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“Will You Adopt Me?” Teen Surprises Foster Dad On His Birthday And We’re All Crying.

A father daughter’s bond is forever sacred.

Daniel Donaldson was a youth sports coach in Haleyville, Alabama, who coached many kids. However, he had a precious bond with a particular student named Alecia,14. They were so close that he learned that Alecia was in foster care and he was willing to take her as his child.

Donaldson’s family were more than happy to accept Alecia as one of them. They hoped to adopt her but didn’t want to force her to say yes. All they told her if she ever wanted to officially join the family just let them know.

Alecia told his wife Tiffany to start the adoption process a few months from Daniel’s birthday. Along with Alecia’s three new siblings the two of them began to plan a surprise to disclose the sweet news to Daniel.

A beautiful video captured the emotional moment. Watch below the heart touching story and do share this for bringing hope in one’s life that adoption can be difficult, emotional but at the end you are a family and that’s what matters. 

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