Teen wedding guest asks if she ‘destroyed’ bride’s big day with ‘flashy’ green dress.

Most of us are aware of the “don’t wear white to a wedding” rule, but what about a supposedly safe sage green? So, in this story, a hesitant wedding guest wondered whether or not she wrecked the bride’s special day. Scroll down for the whole story and what are your thoughts on this.

Source: Reddit

I recently attended a wedding and now the bride has been accusing me of destroying her big day.

I am 17yrs old, and the wedding it’s from my dad’s friend’s daughter. One of her demands was for girls to be modest, simple colour, and makeup. The request was okay to me because it was her event.

The big day came and I wore a satin sage dress, which is beautiful, but still modest, and for the makeup it was just some shimmery eyeshadow with some transparent gloss. During the wedding, the bride’s mom suddenly asked to talk to me alone which was weird, since she should’ve been talking to my dad instead.

She brought me to the bride’s dressing room and it was awkward. The bride started to berate me for wearing the dress saying I’m too flashy, I’m stealing her spotlight and gave me the alternative to leave the wedding or wear a black dress that’s double my size, and remove my makeup. I refused, because the outfit the bride wanted me to wear would’ve been too bothersome for me to be pulling the dress all the time plus my parents would be asking about my original dress.

The bride started crying, and I told my parents everything she demanded, then they got angry at her. Because of it, they said they’re not going to give any wedding money to her, which led to a fight between my dad and his friend. Today the bride sent me hateful messages saying I ruined her wedding. Did I?

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