Teen With Asperger’s Syndrome Educates His Bullies A Life Lesson.

Gavin Joseph, from New Baden, Illinois, a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome has problems maintaining relationships and tends to isolate himself.

But his bullies didn’t understand him. Gavin Joseph was attacked by a group of people he thought were his friends. He was left with bad bruising, concussion and a broken nose after the physical assault.


However, Gavin decided to teach his cowardly bullies a lesson by dropping charges and choose a more effective way of getting back at his bullies.

What Gavin did was, he asked his attackers and their families to watch a 20 minutes video that he made in which he explained what life is like for him and the hurt and injury they had done to him. He also asked them all to write an essay on Asperger’s.

He and his mother Cortine Stone hope his bullies get the lesson this time. She also hopes that Joseph’s story sends a message to people who are ill-informed about disabilities like Asperger’s.

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