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Teen Wrestler Rushes To Help Stop Man Who Tried To Snatch Kids At Gas Station

Canaan Bower, 16, a student-athlete caught the mother’s yells from across the road and used his skills to help save the day.

The event happened in a grocer in New Mexico where the suspicious blatantly tried to abduct two little children. But the attempt was thwarted well in time and it was not the police who stopped the abduction. It was a teen wrestler who picked to do the right thing when it was required the utmost.

A mom and her three children were waiting for their cab just outside Chuck’s Gas Station. The mom noted a suspicious guy was staring at her and the kids. He took one of kids by the arm and threatened the woman to give her kids to him. After fraught with the guy, the mom grabbed her children and rushed them inside the gas station’s store.

The guy was racing after them and staff associates and onlookers quickly went to the woman’s assistance. One of the outsiders tried to closed the door to stop the suspicious from entering, but the guy forced his way inside the store and overcome the outsider.  The outsider then went outside the store and closed the door so the man cannot get out.

Right across the road, Canaan Bower saw the tumult he recognized the family and the onlookers wanted assistance.

He went the store and saw the suspicious guy was trying to make his way into the storage room where the family concealed.

Bower clutched the guy and with his wrestling skills and took him down to the ground and held him down. Bower acknowledged that he was concerned if the guy was having any weapons on him but he still didn’t falter to keep the family safe.

Bower detained him till cops arrived and quickly alarms were blaring outside the store. The cops came in and taken the suspect into custody. The suspicious was charged with one count of abduction, four counts of battery, two counts of attack and two counts of kid exploitation.

Canaan Bower returns to Chucky’s to talk about stopping a kidnapping

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Posted by Las Cruces Sun-News on Sunday, April 5, 2020

As for the young wrestler, he got charged with being a star. As the news came out, residents and sports-persons came to support him. He got appreciation from UFC president and mixed-martial arts winners. Next April, Bower was recognized as the USA Wrestling Athlete of the week and in their report, they praised him and his astounding piece of valor.

Bower said that what actually made him honoured was knowing that the family he protected was together and harmless.

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