Teenager And Her Grandpa Goes Viral For Their Affection Towards Each Other At The Court.

Nicole Buch was an outstanding player for Fairfield High’s basketball team. But she sure did not become a record-setter all by herself. There were her teammates, of course. And, yes, there was her coach. There was also her grandpa Leonard, who had supported the young woman long before her teammates and coach were even in the picture.

And along with that support from Leonard was complete love for his granddaughter. He helped her strategize a lot before her games. But his biggest advice to Nicole early on in her basketball-playing days was: You have to make four decisions in 3 seconds. And that was something that always stuck with her.

Last year, Nicole set the school record for career points made, and a timeout was made to recognize that and present her with the game ball. But Nicole did not keep that game ball. She quickly ran it over to the smiling man in the stands who was always there for her, and always will be.

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