Teenager Asks “Am I The Jerk For Locking My Door At Night” To Avoid Being Woken Up At 4:30 AM By Their Mom.

Getting adequate sleep is essential for our health, energy levels, and happiness, but it’s not always simple. Late-night browsing and binge-watching our favourite TV episodes takes away time we could have spent resting. Surprisingly, we value sleep but rarely reward ourselves by obtaining enough of it. It’s one thing when we choose to sleep less, but it’s quite another when someone else believes you should get up sooner. Read the story about what happens between a mother and her child related to her child’s sleep.

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Okay I’m 18 and in high school. School starts at 7:15 and I live 5 mins away. I wake up around 6 which gives me a good time to leave around 7:05. Or at least I intend to wake up at 6. But my mom, every morning without fail, wakes me up at 4:30am. She comes in and she’s like tapping me, flickering my lights, sometimes she lets our super hyper puppy in my room to wake me up.

It’s so annoying every time I just cry. I can barely wake up at 6, 4 is way too early. I’ve asked her multiple times to stop and that there’s no need for me to be up that early, but she says that she’s conditioning me to be an early bird like her and that adults wake up that early. I told her that’s not true and I don’t want to be an early bird.

Since she didn’t stop, and the days are getting unbearable to get through, last night I locked my door. I slept until 6 and felt great. When I woke up, mom was pissed. She told me that it’s disrespectful to cut off communication with someone for that long and if I do it again she’s taking my door away. She’s probably bluffing about that but she’s still pissed. What do you think about this situation? Any advice for the teen? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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