Texas Grandpa Sees Young Woman Attacked By Armed Bandit, Delivers ‘Frontier Justice’

As thieves get more daring, we observe an increase in broad daylight assaults and thefts. That’s what occurred to one young woman who was returning to her car in a parking lot about midday, doing her own thing.

According to the Houston Police Department, an armed robber approached a woman as she walked to her vehicle outside a neighborhood check-cashing company at 12:30 p.m. The culprit had approached her and demanded that she hand over her keys, pointing his revolver at her. He then strangled her.

A grandpa of 11 called Simon Mancilla Sr. occurred to pull up in his pickup as the criminal was strangling the young woman. The retired construction worker swiftly determined that this woman was in trouble and required his assistance. He opens his window and says to the evil guy, ‘Hey dude… don’t cause an issue,’ Mancilla added.

The armed guy then shifted his focus to Mancilla. The robber grabbed the grandfather from his pickup and crept inside. Regardless of the fact that the culprit was equipped with a pistol, Mancilla pulled the door open and started hauling the culprit out of the vehicle. With his revolver, the culprit repeatedly hit Mancilla in the head.

Regardless of his wounds and a cut that would take multiple stitches to repair, the grandpa “leaned into the battle, throwing a volley of fists.” Two other witnesses apparently entered the battle, although Mancilla assumed he was alone in the incident. His son stated that by that time, his dad’s eyes were full of blood, and he couldn’t see anyone.

Despite the involvement of spectators and a few more strikes from Mancilla, the culprit sped away in the stolen vehicle. Despite losing his truck in the conflict, the grandpa gave a beating that diverted the criminal’s attention away from his initial goal and ensured the young woman’s safety. He doesn’t have a choice, Mancilla said of his need to act and maybe save a life.

A carjacking victim’s odds of recovering their vehicle are not nearly as strong as their possibilities of being robbed and assaulted in Houston, Texas. Only 14% of reported carjackings resulted in an arrest. There were 1,216 carjackings in 2021, a 10% increase from 2020 and a 20% increase from 2019.

According to Sr. Officer Jeff Brieden of the HPD’s Robbery Division, the city’s rising violent crime rate is a worrying trend that disturbs all of them. Simon Mancilla Sr. is a hero who many in our society overlook because of his age. The armed bandit who clashed with this old guy undoubtedly had the shock of his life when he was foiled by a senior citizen.

Grandfather defends woman being attacked and is targetted himself

Humbled to meet 73 year old Simon Mancilla. The grandfather of 11 stepped in to help a woman being attacked and robbed, then ended up being the perp's next target. They went blow for blow. The gunman & Simon's truck still missing. Call Crime StoppersHou if you can help.

Posted by Shern-Min Chow KHOU on Tuesday, 20 September 2022

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