Texas gunman ‘was arrested four years ago over school shooting threat’

Texas Republican Tony Gonzalez claimed on Friday that the shooter in the Uvalde incident, Salvador Ramos, was detained as a child four years ago after informing friends he meant to shoot up a school once he reached 18.

On Friday morning, Gonzalez reiterated the charges.

This was not a rumor. He found out late last night that the shooter was detained four years ago for having this plot for practically stating, ‘you know, when I’m a senior in 2022, I’m going to shoot up a school.’

Something dropped through the cracks between then and today, allowing this to occur. They need to get all of the facts straight.

‘They have to find out what occurred.’ They need to find the weaknesses and make sure it doesn’t occur again.

However, if law enforcement saw him as a danger four years ago, they need to figure out why he wasn’t – how he was withdrawn from that.’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and law police have yet to remark on the arrest, although a news conference has been set for noon EST.
Gonza;es later stated that he was under the notion that Ramos and another individual were having a talk, laying things out.  The cops investigated and detained him. He went to juvenile detention, and from what he understood, he went to a penitentiary facility.

Abbott stated on Wednesday that cops did not yet know whether Ramos had a juvenile record.

Within days of turning 18 last week, the youngster acquired legally the two firearms he used in Tuesday’s killing.

There are now more questions than answers about how he obtained the firearms lawfully. Juvenile arrest records are frequently closed, and it is unknown to what degree they surface on background checks for adults purchasing firearms.

Ramos had a strained connection with his mom, Adriana, and had moved in with his grandparents, with whom he had recently spent his 18th birthday.

He began the assault on Tuesday morning by killing his grandma Celia in the face. She recovered, staggered outside to her neighbor’s house, and they both dialed 911.

Ramos escaped in a stolen vehicle, carrying two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammo.

Ramos had connected with teens from other nations using apps such as Yubo, and he had also spoken with pals via Facebook messaging.

He wrote a personal message to a female in Germany on Tuesday, informing her that he was preparing to ‘shoot an elementary school.’

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