Texas School Shooting Survivor Smeared Blood On Herself, Played Dead: Parents

When an 11-year-old student at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, watched her classmate shot to death in front of her within their fourth-grade class on Tuesday, she went into “survival mode,” smearing the other girl’s blood over her body to mislead the gunman that she, too, was dead.

Blanca Rivera said of her niece, Miah Cerrillo that her sister-in-law claimed she saw her buddy full of blood, and she got blood and smeared it on herself.
Before faking dead, the quick-thinking kid grabbed her deceased teacher’s phone and dialed 911 for assistance.

Miah survived one of the deadliest mass school shootings in US history, yet her family claims she remains scarred as a result of the event.

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Rivera, the girl’s aunt, claimed she received a phone from Miah’s mother about midnight on the night of the shooting, claiming the fourth-grader was experiencing a “anxiety attack.”

The tragedy killed 19 pupils as well as their two instructors, Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia. Many others were hurt, including Miah, who was left with numerous bullet fragments in her back.

Law officials finally shot and killed the alleged shooter, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who had locked himself inside the classroom and spent 40 minutes killing kids and adults as distraught parents outside implored cops on the scene to let them in.

Miah’s father, Miguel Cerrillo, said that when he heard of the active shooter incident, he rushed to Robb Elementary School, arriving just in time to witness a police officer taking his injured kid out of the school.

The youngster, whose left side was lacerated and whose hair was charred by gunshots, was placed into a school bus, however her father was barred from accompanying her.

Instead, they chatted about what Miah had seen inside the school via a window, according to Cerrillo.

According to Cerrillo, the fourth-grader informed her father that she saw her teacher Eva Mireles get shot while holding her phone. Miah snatched Mireles’ phone and dialed 911.

Miah’s companion was then shot, and she chose to pretend dead by lying on top of the fatally injured girl, who was bleeding heavily.

Cerrillo claimed his little girl told him that the injured student was first breathing, but she subsequently died from her wounds.

Miah was examined at a nearby hospital and discharged after being rescued from the building by authorities.

Miah spent the night in a panic, as per her father and aunt, asking her father to equip himself since the shooter is going to come grab them.

Miah is one of five kids. Her younger sister, a second-grader at Robb Elementary, was unharmed in the incident.

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