The baby who was born with gray hair was a real star of the Internet. How he looks now?

It goes without saying that all babies are lovely. But it’s just a sight to behold if a new-born is very unlike from others. A kid, named Benz, was born in Hungary weighing about five kilos.

Benz was born impeccably hale and hearty, but with some rare features as he was born with totally gray hair. But the reason of gray hair could not be recognized even after a lot of examinations conducted by the medics. Though it was ruled out that it wasn’t albinism as had been supposed initially.

Benz is the third kid in the family and the two elder children do not have such a rare feature.

Doctors expected that probably the mom got into a very tense circumstances during gestation and that is why Benz was born with these features. But the parent claims that the entire pregnancy was very cool and this reason was also ruled out.

There were categorically no fears and tensions as experts advise that blond hair in kids is heredities. They suggested that the reason of this situation perhaps a deficiency of vitamin B12 or a alteration of hair cells.

However, the new-born is a little celeb in his birthplace and he is titled the Charming Prince.

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